Children are so dear to my heart.
They are innocent, playful, precious, and their energy brings me so much joy!

These little souls touched my heart from very early on when I was first drawn to give back.

How Children’s Charity Changed My Heart

When I worked in sales, I loved buying ‘things.’ Like a true Exalted Moon Taurus, I gravitated to quality, luxury – all the glitz and glamour – I will admit it! But after a while, I was humbled because I chased after ‘things’ until I became unbalanced and didn’t feel like me. I realized that I didn’t like myself as Tiffany or Chanel, so I went in search of something to balance my Chi.

My heart has always been drawn to helping and caring for people (at one point, I even considered becoming a doctor), and so when I found Ronald McDonald House Charities for sick children, I was compelled to volunteer.

I’ve never felt so uplifted – like on the night we raised over $900,000 for the cause – and I’ve never been so heartbroken – when I befriended young souls who passed on after completing their battle with illness.

Spending time with these beautiful, strong little souls refilled and rebalanced me, and I have never been the same since first volunteering here. I believe giving back is so important, and it’s why I donate 10% of my proceeds to charities like Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, Generation Impact, and more.

Children are shaping the future right now – that is so amazing! If we take the time to take good care of them from the beginning, in turn, they will take care of the world.

Because giving begets giving!
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