Client Reviews

“I could write a book on the impact Elsa’s had on my life. But here is my attempt at boiling it down. Personally, what I most appreciate about working with Elsa is the fact that she never claims to have all the answers. Rather, she provides the right tools and knowledge for a life-long journey of self-discovery. How I decide to use those tools is up to me. However, what I believe makes Elsa unquestionably unique is that her readings are informed both by her deep knowledge of astrology and by her successes in the corporate world and as a small business owner. This is why Elsa is in a league of her own.”
- Chris Dinh, American-Asian Actor, Screenwriter, and Producer
“Dr. Elsa Leung provides a high level of care that surpasses all expectations. Her commitment to her client’s well-being and respectful character is evident within seconds of meeting her. Her readings are insightful, intriguing, and enlightening. They answer a lot of the subconscious questions in your mind and she provides remedies that will serve you well. Her personal qualities make for an excellent experience. Dr. Leung embodies everything a counselor should offer, including genuine interest in helping to solve problems. She has guided and coached me through my challenging issues teaching me life skills that I can apply to all situations in my life leading me to be more confident and in turn a happier person. She is the example of what happens when people devote themselves with passion and love to their work! I feel very lucky to have gotten a time with her, and I encourage anyone who needs help to do so as well.”
- David, IT Manager
“My reading with Elsa was amazingly accurate, informative and more than I could have asked for in getting my Chinese Astrology expertly explained for the first time. She goes in depth on how the basics of my chart is read and how it works so you have a full understanding of what she is interpreting. Before our session, I did not have high hopes, just wanted to hear what she had to say. She exceeded my expectations. Elsa completely blew me away with her reading. She did an amazing job at navigating the complex charts to put her findings into very simple terms to understand. She also explains the approach she was taking each step of the way to help you understand the 'why' which I really appreciated. Elsa helped me feel settled about my past, present, and future. In reconciling with my past, I got to understand the influences at play. I understood that the future is not solely a right/wrong decision I am about to make. The astrology session helped me to be more in tune with the flow and forces bigger than myself. I highly recommend a session with her! Extremely enlightening! Thank you, Elsa!”
- Tom, Specialty Medical Account Manager
"As a professional psychic medium of 28 years, I find it rather difficult most of the time finding a clear and concise reader when I need clarity for myself. Elsa was able to accurately pinpoint why my life at times seemed to be a struggle. I highly recommend AstroElsa for all your spiritual guidance needs."
- Niko, Movie Lighting with ABC & Professional Psychic Medium
“It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Elsa Leung to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and unveiling the hidden potentials that will change the course of their lives. I experienced my first ever astrology reading with Elsa with no prior introduction to the field, and I have no doubt that even skeptics will be moved by her masterful guidance. Through Elsa’s Western and Eastern Combo Astrology reading, I explored more about myself in the span of a few hours than I ever possibly would have in my entire lifetime. Elsa made me feel loved, empowered, and imbued with wisdom that can only be imparted by someone of divine skill. Elsa is not just an astrologer; she is a powerful liaison between the mortal plane and the truths that exist beyond life as we know it. Never before have I encountered someone with such authentic energy and true passion for the power of the human spirit. Elsa’s doctorate in metaphysics not only sets her apart from other astrologers, but also represents her years of dedication to her craft and attention to logical ways of expressing spiritual concepts. She is able to make Eastern and Western astrology digestible to clients of any background, and her detailed and linear explanations will make you feel like an expert yourself! The best part is that Elsa does not abandon her clients after their services and makes herself fully accessible to those in need. Since my initial meeting with her, I have been able to call upon her many times as I continue to navigate my newfound path. Elsa is a true rarity that many people will not come across throughout their walks of life. Those who seek Elsa’s guidance will understand exactly why I laud and respect her, and just as I have, they will gain the pleasure of having Elsa as a lifelong mentor and genuine friend.”
- Alicia Cheung, Transformed client, Paul Mitchell Esthetician
“From the moment I met Elsa, I could feel her vibrant energy and true generosity. It was very easy to connect with her right away. She was both professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her intuition blew me away and her guidance was divine. Elsa opened up the portal for me for things I wasn't able to see and amplified what I needed to focus on. Her advice has been working for me already! She is an absolutely beautiful soul. I encourage you to open yourself up to one of her many experiences. You will come alive all while being guided.”
- Iva, Nonprofit Organization Founder, The Generation Impact
“I had an amazing reading with Elsa. From the moment I met her she made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Elsa took her time with my reading and made sure I had all my questions answered. I did experience the WOW factor with some of the information I received. I would highly recommend Elsa. Her energy is very positive and she is very sweet. Elsa is the REAL DEAL!!”
- Emilia
"I highly recommend Elsa if you're interested in focusing your energy to improve your well-being or learn what to focus on for a better future. Great spiritual/career advice based on natal charts with Western and Eastern astrology methods. Her great energy allows you to be at ease. Since I applied her recommendations, my life changed for the better with a new career path!"
- Vicky, MBA student at UCI & Oncology Medical Specialty Representative
"Elsa is a big ball of positive energy that you cannot deny. She has a unique way of making everyone feeling welcomed and relaxed. We hired Elsa to help us find our auspicious wedding date and were blown away by her work. She not only gave us dates, but she explained in great details, for both our personal and couple readings. We learned about why we might've felt certain ways during certain points in our lives, where we can seize opportunities, how we complement each other, and much more. When Elsa left, we were so excited to share with others what we had learned and hope many others get to experience it! Thank you again Elsa for sharing your knowledge with us."
- Grace Co, Swim Coach
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