There’s so much power in all of us, and when we combine it together, we become like a tree with many limbs. We are better able to stand strong against the winds of life, supported by each other, and fed by the same nutrients in our roots! 

Becoming a member will appeal to people who enjoy being with other like-minded individuals who are seeking higher knowledge, spiritual exploration and empowerment – and it’s for those who are open to the power of community!
Virtual group meetings work really well for a lot of people. The top benefits of these group meetings are:

Choose Your Membership

There are two memberships to choose from:

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes: 1x/month (COMING SOON)
Eastern Astro - Beginners Class
Eastern Astro - Intermediate Class
Eastern Astro - Advance Class
Western Astro - Beginners Class
Western Astro - Intermediate Class
Western Astro - Advance Class
Zoom calls (details TBD)

Virtual Group Meetings

Zoom calls with small group of up to 8 participants
First 15 minutes covering this week in Astrology
45 minutes discussion on natal charts
Rest of the time is open Q&A
The benefit of virtual group meetings
Virtual group meetings work really well for a lot of people. The top benefits of these group meetings are:
They’re in real-time, and allow for connection from anywhere in the world
They increase opportunities to build on a wide variety of knowledge
They allow for an interactive Q&A session
They’re a chance to build relationships with other like-minded individuals
They’re a cost-effective option
The beauty of our world today is that we can be anywhere and still connect with each other. What a wonderful time to live! Joining a virtual session is so powerful because you’ll be hearing me speak on timely, new information, and gain knowledge and confidence from checking in. With a membership, you can fully experience all the teachings I offer, connect with and be inspired by others and contribute as much of your time as you’d like.
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