It’s my honor to empower your highest destiny.

I offer holistic consulting in three foundational services: Eastern Astrology, Western Astrology, and Human Design. 

You can pick one, or mix and match with a combination of all three.
Each service starts at $250.
Take your time as you look through the services below, and see which ones speak to you. 

If you are unsure which service is best for you, please book a phone call with me.  My greatest joy is helping others unlock ultimate wealth, abundance, luxury, and direction in this life, and I truly believe I can help you!

Foundational Services

Eastern Astrology

Balance your elements to live in harmony, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness 

Eastern Astrology is all about balancing your Chi, or the five elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, water) Mother Nature gives to you at birth. By balancing your elements, you can manifest harmony, peace and prosperity within yourself and throughout your life.

If your elements are imbalanced, you will likely feel some sort of conflict in your life. But through guided support, you can rebalance yourself with techniques like:
Self awareness and self improvement
Pairing yourself with another person (a friend, spouse, guide) who has the element you’re missing
Neurodesign concepts such as Feng Shui for the home or office, highlighting external forces for help and support

Western Astrology

Discover auspicious and predictive dates to uncover your soul purpose, your karma, true love, and more 

With roots reaching deep into the planets and high into the stars, Western Astrology reveals if you’re living balanced in your home planet – which is situated in one of the twelve houses. By examining your natal chart, you will see which houses are lit (i.e., the theme of your life), how to better navigate these houses, and how to listen for those auspicious whispers from your planets. 

Are you curious if a romantic relationship will work? Is this really the right time to submit that big book idea to your editor? Should you invest your money now, or are the stars suggesting to wait? 

To pave out possible bumps in your timeline, I will examine your natal chart, reading your predictive dates and creating a remedy-plan (such as self-care and self-love!) for any imbalance, all to give you clarity and help you learn to embrace the most powerful strengths in your Zodiac.

Human Design - Astrology with Science/Spiritual DNA

Know yourself, live in your own strategy, and unlock your full potential for wealth, peace and abundance 

Human Design is all about understanding yourself and living within your own strategy (Identifying your design, gates, channels and Chakras) to promote abundance, wealth, and empowerment. 

Just like your physical DNA, you possess a unique spiritual DNA, and it encompasses your design of what you are meant to do – your ideal space for living an aligned and effective life. Through the chakras system, you can identify how to live in your design style, which will be one of the following categories:
Reflector (1% of the population)
Manifestor (9% of the population) – This is my design type
Projector (21% of the population)
Generator (69% of the population)
Are you facing your professional life as effectively as you can be? Are you living in your highest expression, and dedicating your time and energy into the right spaces? 

It’s my job to guide you in first understanding yourself, then creating ways to function in your most powerful astrological chakra design. This is all to ensure you’re using your talents and skills and energies how they were meant to be: to create abundance, wealth, and empowerment throughout your life.

Eastern + Western Astrology Combo

Balance your elements and discover auspicious dates

Leave no stone unturned and achieve near-perfect balance when you combine both Eastern and Western Astrology. Starting from the ground up, you will learn what elements Mother Nature has gifted you, and how to shift your spiritual perspective to balance them. Then, we look up, alighting into the stars to explore your home planet, listening for its whispers about your life, and how to best navigate your ‘lighted’ houses.

Eastern + Western Astrology Combo + Human Design

Balance your elements; discover auspicious dates; know yourself and live in your own strategy

The path to ultimate spiritual alignment, combining all three services will give you an in-depth look into who you are, and a bird’s eye view of your life path. This journey will lead you inside yourself, showing you where any imbalances may be shifting you off-course, as well as remedies to rebalance, and the strategies to live in harmony with your most powerful design and chakra.

Custom / Elevated / Continued Guidance Services

After you’ve invested in the foundational services above, it’s time to take your understanding to the next level! 

So what do you do with your chart now? How do you take it and shift it into empowered living? 

To fully support you in manifesting your highest destiny, to reveal your greatest strengths and resolve any areas of imbalance, I offer continued guidance services like:
Neuro Design and Feng Shui
Couples Consulting
Predictive consulting (solar return – yearly birthday & transits)
Business astrology consulting
Marriage date selection
Astro consulting (investments, business successors, love, auspicious date selection)
Metaphysics mentorship
Wealth Creation
Life, love, and career counseling
I can’t wait to meet you, and 
see you flourish in your most abundant life!
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